Crafting MODERN Web Experiences

Explore Intuitive Websites Designed to Enhance your Business Experience.

Landing pages & Web apps

From sleek interfaces to seamless functionality, we redefine user interaction. Dive into innovation and make your digital journey extraordinary.

Why Choose Us?

Design Excellence

We go beyond aesthetics, crafting digital experiences that not only look stunning but also strategically drive results, combining creativity with data-driven insights for maximum impact.

User Experience

Our focus on intuitive usability ensures that every interaction feels effortless, keeping your audience engaged and delighted throughout their journey, resulting in higher user satisfaction and conversions.

Solutions for Growth

We understand that each business is unique, which is why we create custom solutions that align with your specific goals and aspirations, empowering your brand's growth and setting you apart from the crowd.

Our Clients

" Using one of 8thwanda's landing pages was a game-changer for our business. Their exceptional design expertise transformed our landing page into a lead generation powerhouse, resulting in a significant boost in conversions. "

" Working with 8thwanda was like having a trusted ally in the shadows, quietly guiding our landing page strategy to success. Their insights were subtle yet powerful, leading to a noticeable improvement in engagement and user experience. "

" 8thwanda operates with a quiet confidence that speaks volumes. Their attention to detail and nuanced approach to optimizing landing pages surpassed our expectations. The impact on our business was subtle yet unmistakable - a testament to their skill and dedication. "

8thwanda Pricing

Below are the rates we charge for the service we provide.


ZAR 1000

1 Html Landing page website

Must have own Domain

1 time maintenance

Zar 200 off & Monthly Maintenance if you host with us for Zar 100/month.



ZAR 2500

2 - 5 pages website

1 Domain name

Html / Wordpress

SEO Optimized

2 Time maintenance

Weekly backup

Zar 200 off & Monthly Maintenance if you host with us for Zar 100/month.


ZAR 5000

Dynamic Website

1 Domain name

e.g: Online store

Site Audit

Security Protection

SEO Optimized

4 Time maintenance

Daily backup

Zar 200 off & Monthly Maintenance if you host with us for Zar 100/month.

Note: when you are about to make a payment , on PAY NOW you only pay a once off amount for the plan you choose. and on SUBSCRIBE you pay a reduced amount of that plan and get free hosting for only a month , the following months you will be billed R100 monthly.